Dissertation Formatting

I’ve found that a lot of people working on dissertations don’t need help with editing, just formatting. Here’s a quick overview of how I can help. As always, feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions!

Basic Formatting:  $195 (or $145 when combined with editing)

I charge a flat rate of $195 for the first round of formatting. This involves making sure the layout of the entire dissertation matches the style guide, and includes things like front and back matter, margins, page numbers, spacing, headings, block quotes, charts and figures, basic punctuation (ellipses, serial commas, etc.) and so on.

Additional Formatting Help:  $24/hr

I generally charge my hourly rate of $24 for second and subsequent rounds of formatting. (This would typically involving minor corrections and “tweaks” to the formatting, though major revisions to the text may require more extensive work.)

I can also apply this hourly rate for smaller formatting requests (e.g., if you just need help with page numbers).

Important Note about References and Citations

Dealing with bibliographies/reference lists and footnotes can get tricky. For the sake of clarity, I’ll spell out my approach:

  • My flat rate for formatting includes making sure that references and citations look the way they’re supposed to on the page (correct spacing, indents, etc.).
  • The flat rate doesn’t include checking references or footnotes for completeness, accuracy, or correct ordering of elements.

In short, I’m more than happy to go through your footnotes or reference list to make sure you’ve done all your citations correctly, but this counts as editing rather than formatting, and is therefore subject to my hourly rate of $24/hr. Thanks for understanding!