Here are a few résumés I’ve worked on over the past couple years.* Take a look and see what I can do! (You’ll need a PDF reader to view these documents.)

Example 1: Steve D.

Steve is an accomplished sales professional specializing in medical equipment. We put this together a couple years ago when he was looking for a new position after spending several years with one company. This résumé helped Steve get a great new job that he’s enjoying to this day!

Example 2: Luisa B.

Luisa works in the non-profit sector. I helped her put together this résumé a few years ago; today she’s working for a well-known global health and development organization.

Example 3: Annette M.

Annette is a college senior looking at internships for the next few months and jobs for after graduation. Her résumé showcases the leadership experience she gained through a series of summer jobs, as well as her extensive volunteer and ministry experience.

Example 4: Ethan H.

Ethan asked for help when he needed to submit a résumé with his grad school application. I helped him highlight the education and experiences that were most relevant to the public health program he was considering.

* Note: Names, contact information, and some other identifying details have been changed or removed to protect the privacy of the résumé owners.