Résumé Services

It’s not easy to create one document that explains your career, illustrates your strengths, and makes hiring authorities eager to meet the wonder that is you. It’s tough, but it’s essential: good résumés lead to interviews, and interviews lead to job offers.

I’ve spent years helping people put together the type of résumé that can help advance their careers. My experience comes from working for staffing and executive search firms – companies that make money by getting their job candidates hired. When I revise a résumé I do more than make sure the words are spelled right and the page looks pretty. I work hard to make your experience as relevant and attractive to employers as possible. Sometimes it takes a practiced eye and the right kinds of questions to help you – and others – see your experience in a whole new light.

Check out a few samples of what I’ve done!


$35 per job
….+ $18/hour (résumé work)
….+ $20/hour (additional services) 

When working on résumés I charge $35.00 to undertake a job, plus an hourly rate for time spent on it. I find this fee structure balances the fact that updating any résumé takes a certain amount of insight and expertise with the fact that some take longer to revise than others (usually due to length). I charge $18.00 per hour when working on a basic résumé, and $20.00 per hour for any additional services, such as:

  • Cover letters (writing or editing)
  • Project or career summaries
  • Additional résumés tailored to specific jobs/industries, etc.
  • Interview coaching

Generous discounts are available for current students – contact me to learn more.


As a Communications Specialist with two different employment agencies, I have created or revised résumés for individuals in all kinds of professions and at all stages in their careers. I know how to make a résumé look appealing and professional, how to use the key words that get documents noticed, and how to highlight the most relevant information. I often suggest scheduling a conversation to discuss a person’s career accomplishments in detail. This gives me insight into what really makes people good at what they do, and helps me draw out hidden connections between their experience and the qualities employers are always looking for.

I’ve sat next to recruiters as they flipped through fifty résumés in ten minutes, and I’ve skimmed through dozens of candidate profiles under a tight deadline to find the eight people my boss should call up and interview. In short, I know how to think like a recruiter or hiring manager, so I know how to get their attention.

I’ve worked on résumés for . . .

  • College students, C-level executives, and just about everyone in between.
  • Candidates looking for jobs in all major functional areas, including management, sales and marketing, IT, administrative services, engineering, supply chain, finance, HR, teaching, healthcare, ministry, and more.
  • Professionals in a wide range of industries, including retail, CPG, food and beverage, technology (hardware, software, telecom), business services, banking, politics and government, non-profit, and more.
  • Applicants for full-time jobs, part-time jobs, internships, and educational programs.
  • Individuals who are currently employed, have lost a job, or are looking for a first job.