Freelance Work

My writing and editing experience is diverse – just like your writing and editing needs. I’ve edited everything from academic papers to corporate press releases, from newspaper articles to young adult fiction; I’ve written documents for a wide range of purposes and worked in a variety of contexts. If you have a writing project, I can help.

Here are just a few types of documents and projects I’ve worked on:

  • Website content (writing and editing; business, non-profit, church contexts)
  • Brochures (design, writing, editing; church context)
  • Corporate newsletters (writing and editing; business context)
  • Curriculum (writing; non-profit context)
  • Health and safety policy (editing; church context)
  • Young adult novel (editing; business context)


Pricing will vary based on job size and type, but my rates are always very reasonable. Tell me about your project, and I can give you a quote.